Azure VM

Methods to create (docker) VM’s on Azure

….Found a Github repo which contains excellent hand on labs:



Azure is huge….Therefore Microsoft created a simplified abstraction of Azure. This overview is a great help to describe the available contexts within the Azure landscape.


In the past I have participated in large projects to setup datacenters and setting up dev-test/acc and production environments. As a middleware guy I loved to be involved with all kind of technologies: storage,networking,security, databases, application servers, service busses,message busses, software development, linux/ oss (puppet chef etc), development tooling. It was all fun, but very time consuming and therefore costly.

The next couple of blogs will be about the IAAS or Infrastructure layer, for me one of the 1st triggers to see the power of Azure and Cloud technology.
All the work and time I have spent the last couple of years in setting stuff up…is now literally done in minutes…damn!!!
Currently (March 2016) I am aware of the following methods to create a VM on Azure:


Per method I will describe the motivation and how to perform the steps. All the methods wil eventually create a Linux machine/host with compute power (cpu + mem) / storage and networking) and run an application server with a simple web app (so you can test it and see the results). Hope you find it useful.

methods for creating VM’s ons azure

methods for creating Docker instances on azure