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This page is a collection of my crypto currency notes, there is just too much to learn and remember that I need this extension of my memory. Why in a blog?  Sitting down and spending time on a blog gives me some piece of mind and I like to share as it might help others in their quest for knowledge and understanding of this new economy.

Last year the crypto currency market just exploded and became just too big to be ignored anymore. As you see below, currently (17-12-2017) there is a market cap of around 500 Billion EUR.


Schermafbeelding 2017 12 17 om 02 29 07

There are many explanations for this explosive growth, but I think these are the main reasons:

  • Interest on savings is very low and people are looking for alternative (more profitable) investments
  • People are becoming more and more aware of technology; new generation is growing up with technology which in my youth was science fiction.
  • New economies are emerging, often in countries where the population have a tendency to distrust traditional financial institutions
  • People have more to spend, we just came out of a financial crises and now all seems well

So there are more people with more money to spend looking for alternative investments. These people have the knowledge of technology and have flexible minds, making them open minded to invest in new Crypto Currency tech. I believe that these aspects in combination with the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) made the price of crypto currrencies exponentially grow this year.


This will be my investment strategy for 2018



Desired amount





the most academic team, designing and developing scientifically proved solutions to improve the world (of finance)




team that is ahead with integration of current payment systems, backed by large financial institutions like UBS


Pay (IOT)


internet of things and lightning fast payments based on tangle, still a gamble…will it prove to be a succes?




proof of work alternative, easy to mine…need to investigate more


Store of Value


my favorite pick of last year. Smart contracts stirred the creative developer in me…but in lots of other developers as well 🙂  As you can see the explosion of ICO’s based on ERC20 (ethereum) tokens exploded last year…great stuff!!!


Store of Value


the 1st…most proven and battle tested solution…will it be overtaken by altcoins this year or will it remain to have the status of Gold of Crypto


Store of Value/ Pay


Faster bitcoin solution, very curious what will happen to this coin this year…was always positioned as Silver of Crypto…will it stay like this…with the crazy growth of altcoins




Privacy will always be a big thing…See how the battle will turn out (will come for sure) with regulators. I like this project as this combines TOR (onion network) technology with blockchain.

….update: changed more to monero…as this seems to be a more guaranteed anonimity coin


Content(In-app-purchases )


Huge chinese project to make in app purchases easier…When this becomes a standard with mobile games…this will explode. Interesting for the mobile app industry, making them less depended on current credit card solution provided by Apple Store and Google playstore.

RDD (red)



Content driven blockchain solution…interesting features of handling your data….for people that do not like the way google and facebook are handling our personal data




Need to investigate more, looks very slick and is a platform for decentralized applications




Disneys blockchain platform. incubator for applications


Mobile data


Interesting solution of linking mobile data bundles with blockchain tech


Trade Elec


Trading in Electricity ..huge market, huge potential. Even more interesting when they will market it with (green) energy. Hopefully people like Elon Musk will promote this.


Medical (denta)?


Still need to investigate, but I looking for interesting blockchain implementation in the medical sector. A solution for Donor organs, exchange of patient information in a secure and reliable way.


FunFair (casino)


Fun and Gambling always a good pick, need to read more…but at least I have fun doing it 🙂

List of proofs (alternatives to proof of work):
– Proof of corporation; faircoin (fair)
– Proof of Importance (NEM)
– Proof of Research (Gridcoin  GRC)
– Proof of Stake;   most famous ones:    Qtum/ Lisk
Investment Strategy/ considerations:

– What does the coin do, does is solve a problem (functional / transactional)

– Do you believe in the potential/ do you support the cause

– Price …is the sum of the maximum of coins multiplied by the expected price more than for eg bitcoin??? hmmm 

– What kind of Proof method is behind it…for alt coins I do not believe in Proof of Work coins…..this is not sustainable

– If it is a mineable coin…then I like to know if the coin is capped and how many coins are left

– Is the coin already registered on the big exchanges….if  it is not…and you believe in it…live Nebulas of Dragon chain…go for it 


Some other coins like kucoin and binance coin are interesting as well ….as they will always make money regardless of the bull of bearish trends…

Sources of Information

– coindesk  (crypto news, please be aware that Ripple has a stake in this site)

– cryptogurus news

–   (vote form, which coin next to be on binance)

– per coin subscribe on their twitter channel

– coinmarketcap and coingecko  for avg trade exchange price info

–  which are the most used blockchain networks

–  (upcomming ICO’s)


– On which Exchange can I buy coinX

Visual tools:

Schermafbeelding 2018 01 13 om 12 37 00

ERC 20 tokens:


 1  $14.3163
0.00104921 Btc
0.011645 Eth

 19.27% $8,575,292,526   
 2  $0.1070
0.00000784 Btc
0.000087 Eth

 -7.00% $7,033,215,645   
 3  $48.7491
0.0035727 Btc
0.039652 Eth

 -0.54% $3,597,810,913   
 4  $22.2388
0.00162983 Btc
0.018089 Eth

 -2.83% $2,269,303,900   
 5  $22.8692
0.00167603 Btc
0.018602 Eth

 14.04% $2,264,370,969   
 6  $0.4332
0.00003175 Btc
0.000352 Eth

 6.02% $1,503,323,344   
 7  $106.0350
0.00777106 Btc
0.086249 Eth

 -3.52% $1,166,385,000   
 8  $2.0444
0.00014983 Btc
0.001663 Eth

 6.40% $1,005,218,949   
 9  $0.8884
0.00006511 Btc
0.000723 Eth

 1.14% $741,119,985   
 10  $0.7178
0.00005261 Btc
0.000584 Eth

 2.95% $717,826,000   
 11  $12.1786
0.00089254 Btc
0.009906 Eth

 2.87% $659,533,295   
 12  $1.8519
0.00013572 Btc
0.001506 Eth

 3.05% $648,165,000   
 13  $8.1253
0.00059548 Btc
0.006609 Eth

 1.53% $612,659,842   
 14  $0.1402
0.00001027 Btc
0.000114 Eth

 1.63% $595,709,035   
 15  $4.4327
0.00032486 Btc
0.003606 Eth

 -0.44% $594,563,299   
 16  $0.7621
0.00005585 Btc
0.000620 Eth

 -4.35% $488,351,134   

DAO, what is it…

I cannot do it better than this article:

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