start docker as systemd on centos7/rhel7

Here is an example how you can start a docker container as a service. After reboot this docker instance will be started.
Create a service file like this: 


Description=Redis Docker Container 







ExecStart=/bin/docker run -d –name redis redis

ExecStop=/bin/docker stop -t 2 redis 

ExecStopPost=/bin/docker rm -f redis




test it with the following command:

systemctl start redis

stop it with: systemctl stop redis

make this permanent with systemctl enable redis

Docker Image for Azure CLI and Azure Powershell

If you are a MAC or Linux user like I am and you like to manage your azure environment with azure-cli or azure-powershell you can use the following docker Image: cvugrinec/ubuntu-azure-powershellandcli:latest

Just type the following:

docker run –it  cvugrinec/ubuntu-azure-powershellandcli /bin/sh

Please note that for azure-powershell only ARM mode is supported. Azure cli supports ASM and ARM mode.